Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Stuff!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

We are so excited about receiving our Brewer's Notice that we thought we would give away some stuff for free! Why not, everyone loves free stuff right? What is a Brewer's Notice and why is it such a big deal, ask our friends at Mad Fox!The obvious choice with fall approaching…is HOODIES!!!!! The catch is that the hoodies cannot be bought, for now, they can only be won. Here is the scoop; we have a very limited number of these and we will give them to you for FREE! That’s right FREE! No money needed!

There is only one problem…. how do we decide to whom we give these beautiful season ready garments? We propose a challenge, YES… a challenge. Every week we will plan a new challenge and the first person to complete the challenge shall be ordained “Victor” of the week and rewarded with a fashionable DC Brau Hoodie (thanks to my sis-in-law for modeling.)

We will announce the challenges every Sunday night. This week’s challenge is as follows: Go to DC Brau Brewing Co. (3178-B Bladensburg Ave NE D.C.) and “check-in” on facebook.

"Checking In" means that you go to the actual brewery's physical location and "check in" using the mobile Facebook App. (yeah we are hi-tech)

(Hoodies are only in L and XL)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Ball is Rolling!

Today was a crazy day at DC Brau! Crews were already hard at work when we arrived. There was one team building our demising wall and another working on a masonry project. It is quite amazing how fast the infrastructure for a wall can be put in place. Jeff and I did spend a lot of the day waiting but with more exciting results than yesterday. Yesterday, we waited around for nothing (except a fight over a forklift) Today we received some important pieces of our brewery. First to come was our glycol chiller, next a filter, and then (for the BIG finish) our boiler. When I say BIG I mean literally BIG. The Fulton is 8.5 feet tall WHOA! 3 of the 4 items scheduled for delivery made it on time. Tomorrow it is back to the grind!

As usual, you can see all the pics on our Facebook Page just click the album names below!

We're Building A Wall

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Friday, September 10, 2010


We have received many inquiries related to our equipment arrival schedule. For this reason we have decided to post the schedule below. Please remember these dates are not set in stone. If we have learned anything during this process (much to our frustration), it is that dates and deadlines are more of an approximation on a project like this. Nevertheless........

Sept 22nd - Boiler Arrives

Sept 22nd - Glycol Chiller Arrives

Sept 25th - Carbon Filter Arrives

Sept 29th - Walk In Chiller Arrives

Oct 27th - Keg Washer Arrives

Oct 27th - Post-Fermentation Filters Arrive

December 13th - Kegs Arrive

December 13th - Mill Arrives

Late Nov/Early Dec - Brewhouse Arrives

Late Nov/Early Dec - FVs 1-4 Arrive

Late Nov/Early Dec - BBT 1 Arrives

Late Jan - FVs 5 & 6 Arrive

Late Jan - BBT 2 Arrives

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Here we go!

WHAT A DAY! Yesterday marked a major milestone for DCB. We received our first piece of major equipment, our Cask Systems Canning Line. We purchased this system used. For that reason it came well before the rest of our equipment. Our brewhouse and fermenters won’t arrive until late November/early December. They are being fabricated from scratch and are only about half done at this point.

As we have mentioned in the past, we chose to can our flagship brews for several reasons, the main ones being environmental responsibility, portability, and space restrictions. Our facility is only 6,667 square feet…..not a lot of space. Our canning line will take much less space than a full bottling line. Oh yeah…..and cans are just cool too!

The Cask Canning System we purchased is responsible for revolutionizing the craft can world. Before Cask came along with this system, large canning lines were simply out of the small craft brewer’s price range and in addition to the system itself, minimum can orders were far too large to be applicable to the small craft brewers who have recently embraced the aluminum packaging. Cask was able to work out a deal with ball manufacturing to make can orders realistically affordable to the craft brewers of North America and elsewhere.

Here are some pictures from yesterday, for more pics check out our facebook.

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