Tuesday, December 7, 2010



Citizen - Russ Phillips
Corruption - Rob Shortley

Runners Up -

Citizen -

Rebekah Bina - Woodrow Wilson (who vetoed The Volstead Act) is the only president to live in Washington, DC after his terms in office. You can tour his former home, the Woodrow Wilson House Museum, located near Dupont Circle.

Mike Stein - Cali has it. Colorado too. But DC don’t. What is it? Good beer in a can and a Senatorial vote in-hand. Then Brau came round (see can
in-hand) still Citizens’ don’t count. What’s that about?

Corruption -

Bradley Walp - James Traficant, the last member of Congress to be expelled for corruption, would frequently end his speeches with “Beam me up!”

Celia Wells - In 1974, Rep. Wilbur Mills' career ended when he was stopped for drunk driving with with exotic dancer Fanny Fox who attempted to flee by swimming the Tidal Basin.

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