Sunday, September 26, 2010

Free Stuff!!!!!

Hey Everyone,

We are so excited about receiving our Brewer's Notice that we thought we would give away some stuff for free! Why not, everyone loves free stuff right? What is a Brewer's Notice and why is it such a big deal, ask our friends at Mad Fox!The obvious choice with fall approaching…is HOODIES!!!!! The catch is that the hoodies cannot be bought, for now, they can only be won. Here is the scoop; we have a very limited number of these and we will give them to you for FREE! That’s right FREE! No money needed!

There is only one problem…. how do we decide to whom we give these beautiful season ready garments? We propose a challenge, YES… a challenge. Every week we will plan a new challenge and the first person to complete the challenge shall be ordained “Victor” of the week and rewarded with a fashionable DC Brau Hoodie (thanks to my sis-in-law for modeling.)

We will announce the challenges every Sunday night. This week’s challenge is as follows: Go to DC Brau Brewing Co. (3178-B Bladensburg Ave NE D.C.) and “check-in” on facebook.

"Checking In" means that you go to the actual brewery's physical location and "check in" using the mobile Facebook App. (yeah we are hi-tech)

(Hoodies are only in L and XL)


  1. Congrats to Michael Reese for checkin' in and gettin' his hoodie. We are also going to give one to MullysBrewery who showed up and tried to check in but his technology wasn't working right :(

  2. We need more challenges!!! I want a hoodie! But more importanly, I WANT YOUR BEER! Can't wait, and hopefully we'll be able to sell it in Northern Va???


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