Friday, September 10, 2010


We have received many inquiries related to our equipment arrival schedule. For this reason we have decided to post the schedule below. Please remember these dates are not set in stone. If we have learned anything during this process (much to our frustration), it is that dates and deadlines are more of an approximation on a project like this. Nevertheless........

Sept 22nd - Boiler Arrives

Sept 22nd - Glycol Chiller Arrives

Sept 25th - Carbon Filter Arrives

Sept 29th - Walk In Chiller Arrives

Oct 27th - Keg Washer Arrives

Oct 27th - Post-Fermentation Filters Arrive

December 13th - Kegs Arrive

December 13th - Mill Arrives

Late Nov/Early Dec - Brewhouse Arrives

Late Nov/Early Dec - FVs 1-4 Arrive

Late Nov/Early Dec - BBT 1 Arrives

Late Jan - FVs 5 & 6 Arrive

Late Jan - BBT 2 Arrives

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